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Analyze Backlink Profiles in Bulk with DataForSEO Backlinks API - DataForSEO.
For instance, you can create a tool where users can enter up to 1,000, domains, subdomains or pages, and get a list of their authority scores rank as well as backlink counts. Relying on DataForSEOs clear rank scoring algorithm, you can rest assured the data you get is accurate. Mirroring the original Googles PageRank algorithm, DataForSEO calculates rank based on the method for node ranking in a linked database. Rank values range from 0 no backlinks detected to 1,000, highest rank. In order to obtain Domain Rank scores, you should request the Bulk Ranks endpoint, and specify domains as targets.
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Moz Backlink Extractor. Internet Speed Test PTCL Broadband Speed Checker. Text To Speech Converter. Urdu keyboard Online Urdu Typing. CSS Minifier Optimizer Compressor. HTML Compressor HTML Minifier. Image Optimizer JPEG, PNG GIF Compressor. JS Minifier JavaScript Minify JS Compressor. International Keyword Position Checker Geolocation. Htaccess Redirect Generator. Google Snippet Preview. RGB to Hex Color Code and RGB HSL Converter. IP to Location Tracker. Blog Finder find Blogs for Backlinks Comments. Bulk URL Shortener. Check GZIP Compression. Comma Separating Tool. Disavow File Generator. PayPal Donation Button Code twitch. Favicon Generator Tool. Get HTTP Headers. Grammar Checker Punctuation Corrector. Free Long Tail Keyword tool Keyword Generator Keywords Examples. Open Graph Checker. Open Graph Generator. WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector. Free Proxy List. Enter a domain name. Now you can Check upto 1000 Backlinks with our new Premium Backlink Checker tool Backlink Checker. Backlink Checker tool will Search Watch your all Google Backlinks Best Backlink Scanner. CoderDuck Free SEO Tools: Extract Your Website Backlinks Inbound Link Checker.
Link Equity Salvage: 7 Steps for Finding Your Long-Lost Links Search Engine Watch.
I know of two. There are probably more but these are the only two known of at the moment. Majestic has a nifty Bulk Backlink Checker built in, though it has a limit of 300 URLs at least at my subscription level.
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See How My Agency Can Drive Massive Amounts of Traffic to Your Website. SEO - unlock massive amounts of SEO traffic. See real results. Content Marketing - our team creates epic content that will get shared, get links, and attract traffic. Paid Media - effective paid strategies with clear ROI. Book a Call. Do you want more traffic? Hey, I'm' Neil Patel.
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1 631 485-2055 Client Login Free Consultation. Bulk Domain Authority Checker. Browser not compatible. What Does The Bulk Authority Checker Do? The Bulk Domain Authority Checker allows you to check Page Authority, Domain Authority and more from multiple URLs in one click. What Is Domain Authority? Domain Authority DA is a search engine ranking score used to predict how well a website will rank on search engine results. Multiple factors, such as the quality of backlink root domains and number of total backlinks, are used to calculate Domain Authority.
Top 7 Ahrefs Alternatives That Don't' Break Your Bank.
Majestic is one of the best affordable SEO tools that focuses mainly on backlink analysis. Unlike other tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs, Majestic is not an all-in-one SEO tool. It is not the preferred tool for keyword research. Majestics backlink profile is very huge and it gives detailed reports with a strong backlink profile. As Majestic is purely a link analysis tool, it is referred to as one of the best backlink checker tools in the world. Similar to Mangools, it also offers both Chrome and Firefox extensions to analyze the site quickly. It comes with tools like site explorer, bulk backlink checker, domain comparison tool, clique hunter, etc. Majestic comes with its own search engine called search explore but it cant replace Google. The good thing is Majestic handles the bulk requests very well. You can enter upto 10 URLsfor backlink analysis. Majestic displays the government and educational backlinks separately. These backlinks weigh more, and thus it is very easy for you to categorize. Majestic neither has free trial nor has a free plan.
New Bulk Backlink Checker Tool Citation Labs.
Register for the Citation Labs tools and login. Mouseover the Tools button and click the Backlink Checker link. Pow - youre in. Now simply input the domain of the site youre working on, then your list of URLs you targeted in your campaign. The tool then goes to each URL on the list and reports back on whether or not your link is up, as well the anchor and follow status. Ill run through it again real quick here.: Input your domain. Input your list of link targets. Click Check Backlinks. Brain cartwheels - no more manual checking! Incredibly youre still reading - go register now! For now we dont store results for you - youll get your list in a zip file downloaded directly to your computer. It could be prettier, but it couldnt be much faster. More Tools from Citation Labs. So were building out a utility suite of large scale link prospecting tools, piece by piece. We keep them separated so you can define your own process and find your own uses based primarily on the list-scrape opportunities you discover. So far weve built a contact finder and outbound link scraper.
Free Backlinks Checker H-supertools.
The more backlinks your website has, the better it will perform on search engine results pages. The higher the quality of your website's' backlinks, the higher your website will rank on search engines. The answer is easy. Search engines like Google, Bing, and others see the backlinks pointing to your websites as recommendations. Therefore, the higher the number of quality backlinks you get, the more trust you'll' get from these search engines, so they will improve your rankings. This tells us to focus on quality and relevance when building backlinks instead of looking for quantity only. So, look for websites with a domain authority higher or equal to your domain authority before building a backlink to your website. You can use our free domain authority checker to test the authority of any domain. On the other hand, if your site gets many low-quality backlinks or spammy links, your ranking in SERP will decrease. As a result, I recommend having 10 natural, high-quality backlinks instead of having 50 low-quality ones. The importance of using our Free Backlink Checker is here, which allows you to check and monitor your site's' backlinks. How long does it take to find a new backlink?
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Excel and txt data export. Domain or URL Check. Save backlink URLs. The ScrapeBox Backlink Checker Addon allows you to bulk check the number of backlinks a URL or Domains has and also allows you to download the top 1,000, backlinks for each URL which is provided by the Moz.com Mozscape API.
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Embeddable Audit Tool. Blog Home - English. Blog Home - French. Blog Home - Spanish. Product Videos YouTube. Feature Request Board. Premium - Free Trial. Back to Free Tools. What it is. Backlinks are links to your site from another site. Search Engines like Google can see these links, as use them as a strong indication of the importance and authority of your page or content. In general, more links from other authoritative websites will improve the ranking ability of your site. Backlinks are a very strong ranking factor. How to fix it. Building Links can be a long and ongoing activity. The best methods are adding your site to relevant online directories, simply asking other sites to link to you, guest blogging on other websites and creating 'lead' magnet'' content that others will want to share. We dive into more ideas in our guide. SEOptimer - SEO Audit Reporting Tool. Improve Your Website.
Bulk backlinks checker and analysis tool for SEO Link Builders by HyperChecker.
Try it for free. When you build an SEO strategy based on a number of backlinks, it is vital to check how many external links are still active. The sad truth is that many webmasters delete 20 of anchors and domains referring a year after posting. If you do not plan on wasting the fifth part of your budget, you need to use a bulk backlinks checker tool. How to use a bulk backlinks checker tool? It is simple to use a backlinks analysis tool. First of all, you have to create a new project for your website. You can make a mass backlink check by adding the links to the project manually. Why use a backlink analysis tool? To keep abreast of all the changes in backlinks profiles and anchor texts. If you have to stay in touch with all data changes and get the best bulk backlink analysis, follow the instructions of a backlink analyzer. What data do you get when you check backlinks in the tool. You will get two data groups of backlinks when you use a backlink profile checker by HyperChecker.

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